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Cable is not a monopoly. You can choose from any cable company you want in America, just by moving your house. — Brad Templeton, at F2C

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  1. Brad is right. Cable is not like switching cellular service, internet providers or a bank. If you get angry enough at any of the afore mentioned, you can change – though it does cause a bit of a headache. However, to change your cable service provider, you would have to change almost everything about your life: Your job, your friends, where your kids go to school, etc.

    Become part of history! Check out how the conversation factor is changing customer service in the Facebook group The Conversation on Comcast!


  2. Brad’s a member of the BitTorrent, Inc. board of directors as well as CEO of one of Comcast’s most vocal critics, the EFF. But behind all that beats the heart of a frustrated stand-up comic yearning to perform, so he spends the whole day at F2C making silly remarks in the chat room.

    Give him a big round of applause and a cookie and maybe he’ll calm down.

  3. Doc Searls says:

    Richard, are you here? I was hoping we could finally meet.

    Let’s try to make that happen, if not today.

  4. Sorry, I was just attending by the miracle of the Internet. Let’s plan on meeting at Supernova, I’m on one of the Challenge Day panels.

  5. Brett Glass says:

    Did anyone notice that once Brad joined the board of BitTorrent, his views — and those of the EFF — swung to favor BitTorrent’s interests (and his own, since he’s undoubtedly going to get stock and options as a result of being a board member)? He’s now steering the EFF toward an extreme viewpoint which favors legislation and regulation — measures that require ISPs to carry BitTorrent. It’s a gross conflict of interest.

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