Ludwig, Herbert and Anne-Sophie at 3am

Before crashing in bed at 3am, I heard the last (third) movement of what may be my favorite piece of music: Beethoven’s Violin Concerto. It was an amazing version, subtle and silky-smooth, yet highly emphatic. The phrasing verged on speech. Turns out it was Anne-Sophie Mutter with the Berlin Philharmonic, conducted by Herbert Von Karajan. I’m not surprised, being a Von Karajan fan. I’m exceptionally fond of his 1963 recordings of the nine Beethoven symphonies with the Berlin Philharmonic. (I have two sets in vinyl and one on CD.)

Anyway, I just went looking for the recording, and here it is on YouTube. Sounds a bit more allegro than what I just heard on the radio, but I’m sleepy and not sure. It’s giving me chills, again. There just isn’t a more beautiful piece of music. Nice. Check it out.

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  1. Geoff says:

    Totally agree – Beethoven by far and away my favourite a true revolutionary.
    I went on a one day course, here in Cambridge, about Beethoven which showed how he used the latest technologies of his day, iron framed piano’s etc and was the first composer to cater for the masses with the new fangled mass entertainment centres (concert halls not churches).

  2. There are two different recordings of the Beethoven violin concerto by Mutter with Von Karajan, an audio recording from 1980 (which I see is available in mp3 as well as CD from and a video recording a few years later. You probably heard the audio recording on the radio and saw the video from YouTube…


  3. Chip says:

    Big Kudos and thank you

    1) took me back to college years
    Oberlin, about a third of the undergrads were “Cons” … Conservancy
    Opened my ears to Bach/Brahms/Beethoven
    (Sibelius/Grieg/Rachmonov etc)

    2) Prior, I had reel to reel with Van Cliburn and one Sinatra , would go to sleep to same

    3) daughters, they got to grow up with “Amadeus” video

    4) taking Horowitz in Moscow to my almost 3yr old grandson
    Incredible piano

    Stay in touch my friend
    Spent Sunday with son of good friend, Fritz has terminal brain cancer, but such a good young man, loving husband, father and son
    I blogged some at

    I’ve known Fritz since he was about 5, now pushing 40
    Damn, but life is weird, who stays, who go’s


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