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Credit where overdue

The original pioneer in space-based telephony isn’t @ElonMusk (though he deserves enormous credit for his work in the field, the latest example of which is SpaceX‘s 7,518-satellite Starlink network, and which has been making news lately). It’s the people behind the Iridium satellite … Continue reading

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East Coasters, look up

Glaring Rocket Launch Could Surprise East Coast Residents Tuesday Evening reads the headline of a post by Joe Rao at Space.com. In it he points to a video I taped in 2005 with my kid of a similar launch on … Continue reading

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Flying higher

I may be wrong, but I’ll betting that Esther Dyson is already the most frequent flyer on Earth. Now she’s looking to fly at higher altitudes. Here’s the latest on her Edventure site: UPDATE: I’m currently living in Star City … Continue reading

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