Flying higher

I may be wrong, but I’ll betting that Esther Dyson is already the most frequent flyer on Earth.

Now she’s looking to fly at higher altitudes.

Here’s the latest on her Edventure site:

UPDATE: I’m currently living in Star City outside Moscow, training to be a cosmonaut as backup to Charles Simonyi. His flight launches March 25. For details of my EDventures, see the LINKS for Hpost and FS blog. (I’m cross-posting.)

And here is her latest at the Flight School blog. Plus an earlier post about committed to blogging as well. Among other things. Read around. Many links to follow.

Hat tip to Chris Locke.

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One Response to Flying higher

  1. Chip says:

    At one of the last PCForum events in Scottsdale, she mentioned that she was triple platinum, kryptonite card holder for life … never having to buy a flight again.

    Of course, last knew, she doesn’t drive either

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