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Thank what?!? for sharing

If you want to know what data you’re sharing — without (thus far) knowing about it — on Facebook, ISharedWhat.com is the way. You run it as a simulator and what’s what. It was developed by Joe Andrieu, a stalwart … Continue reading

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User driven service bingo

If Twitter does everything Dave says they should do, they’d make a helpful move toward bingo on Joe Andrieu’s checklist of user-driven services. Here’s the list: Impulse from the User Control Transparency Data Portability Service Endpoint Portability Self Hosting User … Continue reading

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Silos End

Thanks to Keith McArthur for clueing me in on Cluetrainplus10, in which folks comment on each of Cluetrain’s 95 theses, on roughly the 10th anniversary of the day Cluetrain went up on the Web. (It was around this time in … Continue reading

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