Snow fooling around

Snow house

That’s what it looks like now. And a “double” storm is due to hit tomorrow night.

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  2. I have lived in the Northeast for a majority of my life and have NEVER seen so much snow! Driving through neighborhoods and seeing people “Raking” / shoveling their roofs is truly a new sign of our snow filled times! You would think that there would be a new technology that could help regulate the snow in some form, even by melting it by some ultrasonic wave! I am in Technology so Maybe I should develop something!! Maybe later…. I have to go shovel!

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  3. I think New York, Philadelphia and Baltimore had more snow last year, and Boston had more the year before. The difference this time is that there has been less mixing with rain and less warming between snows. We had a bit of warming here, but there is still a good 18-20″ on the ground now, and it hasn’t snowed seriously in a week and a half.

    And just as I started writing this, the snow began here in Cambridge.

    Man, I wish I was skiing right now, but … too much Real Life to deal with.

  4. That is a lot of snow for you guys up there. I live in Florida and for us this “winter” have been a little cold compared to previous years, but what you guys up there have is way beyond. I would like to experience a winter in the north someday but i do not think will handle it. Things are changing and the weather is one of them. Doc Searls go skiing!! Im a carpet cleaner so if i were over there there would not be work during the winter.

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  5. Dallas/Fort Worth is practically shut down! We don’t know how to drive in this stuff – and it’s basically like driving on a sheet of ice. Two school snow days in a row – your perspective on that depends on your age. No skiing in Texas though 🙁 – Stay Warm!

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  6. I wish someone could send some of the white stuff my way in Austin, Texas.
    We are putting up with the cold and wind but it would be so much nicer to actually play in a little bit of snow! We usually only enjoy ice storms and those are not as much fun.

  7. You have a lot of snow, than here in Europe. We have all winter shoveling snow day and night. Hope it will finish soon.

  8. I love the winter until the Holiday season is over, but then I am ready for it to go away. Im not into skiing, snowmobiling, or any other winter sports so to me winter is just a big inconvenience, Id much rather have the warm weather and be out playing golf, fishing, or swimming.

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