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Aereo made the wrong case

Aereo‘s main appeal in the first place was helping viewers get over-the-air TV. If they had restricted their business and legal cases to that, instead of this… Record & Stream Live TV Online with Aereo Cloud DVR Coming soon to 19 … Continue reading

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Future copyright law to float or sink

Here is a list of copyright bills currently floating through Congress in the U.S.: Interesting reading. Hope I’m not violating any copyrights by copying and pasting it. 🙂

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Earth to Mozilla: Come back home

In her blog post explaining the Brendan Eich resignation, Mitchell Baker, Chair of the Mozilla Foundation, writes, “We know why people are hurt and angry, and they are right: it’s because we haven’t stayed true to ourselves.” In Mozilla is Human, Mark Surman, … Continue reading

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A call for personal tool making at the Legal Hackathon

— is happening this weekend in New York, San Francisco and elsewhere. Read all about it here, here and here. I’ll be there to help start things off, at 10am tomorrow. (Registration starts at 9am.) My job on the opening … Continue reading

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Is it too late to save the Net from the carriers?

In Big Cable’s Sauron-Like Plan for One Infrastructure to Rule Us All, Susan Crawford (@SCrawford) paints a bleak picture of what awaits us after television (aka cable) finishes eating the Internet. But that’s just in our homes. Out in the … Continue reading

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On manners, privacy and evolution

In this comment and this one under my last post, Ian Falconer brings up a bunch of interesting points, some of which are summarized by these paragraphs from his first comment… Here in the UK most people over 40 will remember placing … Continue reading

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The postal model of privacy

On February 25, 2008, the FCC held a hearing on network management practices in the Ames Courtroom at Harvard Law School, hosted by the Berkman Center. In that hearing David P. Reed, one of the Internet’s founding scientists, used a plain envelope to explain how the Internet … Continue reading

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On cities and networks

I’m in Boston right now, and bummed that I can’t attend Start-up City: An Entrepreneurial Economy for Middle Class New York, which is happening today at New York Law School today. I learned about it via Dana Spiegel of NYC … Continue reading

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Surf’s down. For now.

I was talking with @ErikCecil yesterday about the sea change we both detect in people’s tolerance for unwanted tracking. They’re getting tired of it. So are lawmakers and regulators. (No, not everybody. But not a small percentage. And it’s growing.) … Continue reading

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Losing Aaron Swartz

Aaron Swartz died yesterday, a suicide at 26. I always felt a kinship with Aaron, in part because we were living demographic bookends. At many of the events we both attended, at least early on, he was the youngest person … Continue reading

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