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Truckin’ forward

Welcome to my new old blog. My old-old (but not oldest) blog—the one I’ve written since 2007—is still there, in complete archival form, at, where it has always been. It is now also here with a different URL:, … Continue reading

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Is Mastodon a commons?

Glenn Fleishman has a lucid and helpful introduction to Mastodon in TidBITS that opens with this: Cast your mind back to the first time you experienced joy and wonder on the Internet. Do you worry you’ll never be able to … Continue reading

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Community Governance Outside the Web’s Dictatorships

It’s one thing to move off centralized online spaces run by corporate giants, and another to settle the decentralized frontiers where we create new communities. As those communities get organized, forms of governance emerge. Or are deliberately chosen. Either way, the … Continue reading

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