Community Governance Outside the Web’s Dictatorships

Beyond the Web salon with Nathan Schneider

It’s one thing to move off centralized online spaces run by corporate giants, and another to settle the decentralized frontiers where we create new communities. As those communities get organized, forms of governance emerge. Or are deliberately chosen. Either way, the subject could hardly matter more, if those communities wish to persist and thrive.

At this Beyond the Web salon, Nathan Schneider (@ntnsndr), a professor in media studies at the University of Colorado and a leading authority on cooperative governance, will present two prototypes that address what and how questions about governance, both online and off. In the manner of all our salons, a productive discussion will follow. So please come and participate. Register here.

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  1. Julia Kamin says:

    Hi, Is it possible one of the links (“a leading authority…”) is not the correct one?

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