Truckin’ forward

Open road

Welcome to my new old blog.

My old-old (but not oldest) blog—the one I’ve written since 2007—is still there, in complete archival form, at, where it has always been. It is now also here with a different URL:, which had pointed at for many years. Now it points here, to its native location. No more redirecting.

Put another way, was a Harvard blog until yesterday (and again, everything until that day remains so: that’s its legacy). From now on, it’s mine alone. It has crossed from one state to another. I’m not sure yet how it will change, if at all. But I feel energized about what I might do with it.

So, before I hit the gas here, I want to thank Dave Winer for getting me going as a blogger in the first place with my original blog (archived at in 1999, again with this one in 2007, and now in this new location on the Web.

I also thank old and new friends who helped me make all the transitions involved—especially the Berkman Klein Center. It is as good a friend and colleague as an institution can be.

And yes, I know this blog needs a fresh new theme. Recommendations are invited.

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7 Responses to Truckin’ forward

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  2. Doc crossed the chasm and had a soft landing. All is right with my world. YAY! Glad to see you’re still truckin, Doc. You continue to inspire.

    • Doc Searls says:


      While last week it felt like I was speeding toward a cliff, now it looks like I’ve just cruised onto a wider road. Looking back on the change is like watching an earthquake movie going backwards. The good work done behind the scenes is laudable. I wish I could tell the whole story, but it’s still in progress.

    • Doc Searls says:

      Thanks, Jim.

      I should add that there are so many small improvements in this blog environment that I am just beginning to dig. One is that replies are threaded. On the old blog replies were all at the same level as comments.

  3. Ruben Schade says:

    Wonderful news Doc!

    I first heard of you while listening to your BloggerCon III talk that was syndicated on IT Conversations when I was in school, and been reading you ever since.

    Here’s to this new chapter :).

    • Doc Searls says:

      Wow, thanks!

      Do you remember what I said back then? What I remember most about that Bloggercon was typing live notes in the front of the room.

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