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Audio blog #2

  Yesterday’s audio blog post (again, not a podcast—I already do two of those) had 81 visits during that day and another couple dozen this morning. It also got one response on Facebook, a few on Twitter and a couple by … Continue reading

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An audio blog post

I’m trying something new here, speaking instead of writing. Here it is: [Note: this didn’t work at first on iPhones, so I changed the file type to .mp3. Should work now.] I recorded it last night while walking twelve thousand … Continue reading

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So far, privacy isn’t a debate

Remember the dot com boom? Doesn’t matter if you don’t. What does matter is that it ended. All business manias do. That’s why we can expect the “platform economy” and “surveillance capitalism” to end. Sure, it’s hard to imagine that … Continue reading

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The best way to forget is to never know

@EvanSelinger tweeted, While some companies think it’s enough to tweet support for social justice while marketing a tool for oppression, IBM gets out of the facial recognition business & states opposition to mass surveillance & racial profiling. In that tweet he pointed … Continue reading

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Bad $20

I once tried to pass a counterfeit $20 bill. Actually, twice. The first was when I paid for a lunch at Barney Greengrass in New York, about two years ago. After exposing the $20 to a gizmo at the cash … Continue reading

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