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Blogging the #BlizzardOf2015 in #NYC that wasn’t

The blizzard hit coastal New England, not New York City. In fact, it’s still hitting. Wish I was there, because I love snow. Here in New York City we got pffft: about eight inches in Central Park: an average winter … Continue reading

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Maybe wallets can’t be apps

Danese Cooper ‏(@DivaDanese) asks via tweet, Wallet App (and 1-button pay) as “compelling demo” apparently works equally well 4 BitCoin as 4 PayPal. @dsearls opinion? #BitcoinSummit Sounds cool, but I don’t know which wallet app she’s talking about. There are … Continue reading

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Giant Snow Fail Link Sale

Somebody at The New Yorker calls office junk (the kind you save until you toss because you’re moving) “accretions of intention.” Same goes for open tabs. So here are my closed ones, accreted now on a blog rather than in … Continue reading

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Blogging #BlizzardOf2015 in #NYC 02

11:31pm — Nobody is saying it, but so far the #BlizzardOf2015 in #NYC is a dud. I mean, yeah there’s snow. But it’s not a real blizzard yet. At least not here, and not in Boston, where it’s supposed to … Continue reading

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Blogging #BlizzardOf2015 in #NYC 01

7:56pm — Since I’m a #weather and #journalism freak hunkered down in #NYC, I’m digging the opportunity to blog the juncture of all three #s as the #BlizzardOf2015 bears down on the Northeast Coast. So here’s the first interesting thing. While the coverage … Continue reading

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#Deflategate needs facts

Check out this map: This isn’t new. Way back in 2008, after the Patriots’ undefeated season ended with a Super Bowl loss to the Giants, The Onion wrote Patriots Season Perfect for Rest of Nation. It’s easy to hate an … Continue reading

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On marketing’s terminal addiction to personal data fracking and bad guesswork

Quit fracking our lives to extract data that’s none of your business and that your machines misinterpret. — New Clues, #58 That’s the blunt advice David Weinberger and I give to marketers who still make it hard to talk, sixteen … Continue reading

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Cluetrain Rides Again

New Clues is up. Go there and read it. You can respond to it in a number of ways. One is talk about it. You can do that here, on a Facebook page we set up for it, on Twitter (@Cluetrain is there), … Continue reading

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Tabbing along late on a Monday

I’m not ready to tell you what I was working on today (There’s a tease, huh?), but I can share the tabs I had open: Andy Carvin (@acarvin) on Twitter: “Twitter will be @reportedly’s home base. We’re also on reddit … Continue reading

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Some tabs to start the week

Here ya go: Hats Off to MozillaMy column for the January issue of Linux Journal. Firefox — Notes (34.0.5) — Mozilla More changes since I wrote the above. The magic of working together Dave on working with David Weinberger and … Continue reading

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