Tabbing along late on a Monday

I’m not ready to tell you what I was working on today (There’s a tease, huh?), but I can share the tabs I had open: (@reportedly) | Twitter That’s its apartment in the Twitter silo. will have no web presence Dave takes a wait-and-see approach. I’m with Dave in giving them some ease to figure it all out.
F2C: Freedom to Connect » March 2 & 3, 2015, NYC David Isenberg’s outstanding conference on topics that could hardly (IMHO) matter more.
Dada Data and the Internet of Paternalistic Things — The Message — Medium A good and scary piece of short fiction set in a future toward which we are clearly headed. By Sara M. Watson.
NY Times eyes deep linking to drive app use – Mobile Marketer – Media On the Times’ own role in the further silo-ing (or perhaps not, sort of) of the Net.
Apps Everywhere, but No Unifying Link – Frames the problem deep linking is supposed to solve. Or perhaps indirectly also cause.
dpr » Blog Archive » GoGo does not need to run “Man in the Middle Attacks” on YouTube An assessment of a high-altitude security fail by one of the Net’s own dads.
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