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Tab Sale. Pay with attention. Save your cash.

I was going to sort these into an outline; but I don’t have the time or the energy. I had some reason for keeping all of them open for awhile, though. So here ya go:::  Irving Wladawsky-Berger: How Is Our … Continue reading

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Every thing has a face, and vice versa

That line came to me a few minutes ago, as I looked and read through the latest photographic blog posts by Stephen Lewis in his blog, Bubkes). This one… … titled Farmyard, Grandmother, Chicken, and Ovid in Exile, is accompanied by richly … Continue reading

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Giant Zero Journalism, cont’d

While doing research on another topic, I ran across this post by Amy Gahran (@agahran) in Poynter, riffing off a March 2007 post on my old blog titled Giant Zero Journalism. Reading it, I feel like I just opened a time capsule — … Continue reading

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Closed Tab Clearance Sale

Music & broadcasting  Copyright land grab by The Turtles threatens digital music, will not help young musicians — Tech News and Analysis  What to Do About Pre-’72s? | Future of Music Coalition  A Seismic Ruling On Pre-1972 Sound Recordings and … Continue reading

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How Radio Can Defend the Dashboard

Dash — “the connected car audiotainment™ conference” — is happening next week in Detroit. It’s a big deal, because cars are morphing into digital things as well as automotive ones. This means lots of new stuff is crowding onto dashboard spaces where … Continue reading

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No Tony Bennett :-(

So last night we went to see Tony Bennett in a sold-out show at the Granada Theater in downtown Santa Barbara. Right in the middle of dinner beforehand at Jane, a nice restaurant in the next block up State Street, … Continue reading

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Want influence? Make yourself useful.

“Influence” is hot shit these days. Linkedin has been making a big deal about it; and it seems to be working, according to Dharmesh Shaw, a Linkedin Influencer: First of all, there’s the sheer power and reach of the platform. … Continue reading

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Old radio towers toppled as American Dream site preparations continue – News – Misses the real story. These were the towers that radiated 50,000 watts of WHN, WMGM, WFAN, WEVD and WEPN, all on 1050am, until several years ago, … Continue reading

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