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Every thing has a face, and vice versa

That line came to me a few minutes ago, as I looked and read through the latest photographic blog posts by Stephen Lewis in his blog, Bubkes). This one… … titled Farmyard, Grandmother, Chicken, and Ovid in Exile, is accompanied by richly … Continue reading

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Missing Michael

Uninstalled is Michael O’Connor Clarke’s blog — a title that always creeped me out a bit, kind of the way Warren Zevon‘s My Ride’s Here did, carrying more than a hint of prophesy. Though I think Michael meant something else … Continue reading

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The New York Mash

Just noticed Blogrunner, which looks like a mash of Technorati and Google News. The brief About:   Blogrunner is a news aggregator from The New York Times that monitors articles and blog posts and tracks news stories as they develop … Continue reading

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In the likely event of a water landing

Good, tight story of what happened on USA1549. In the International Herald Tribune. By the way, somewhere in this weekend’s Prairie Home Companion, Garrison Keillor sings a delightful tribute to the crew of flight 1549. Heard it live yesterday. The … Continue reading

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Lessig returns to Harvard. Local souces confirm. Heres the tweet. Watch the blog for more. (Here it is.) Overheard among the locals: Aslan is on the move.

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This… … is getting tiresome.

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On behalf of blogging,

I call Twitter, Flickr, Facebook Make Blogs Look So 2004 a crock. Paul Boutin wrote it. He’s an old friend, and I hate to crap on anybody’s work. But he’s wrong about this one. A sample from my reply: As … Continue reading

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Several weeks ago, while we were walking around Mystic Seaport, in the mist of shooting these pictures, I dropped my camera, a Canon 30D — a workhorse that has served ably for more than two years. Afterwards it seemed to … Continue reading

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An OLPC pre-mortem? Hope not.

Sic Transit Gloria Laptopi is a long and wrenching piece about the OLPC project by Ivan Krstic. Just one man’s take, but Ivan’s been a strong advocate for the OLPC’s highest purposes. Performer too. Some pushback from Taran Rampersad. Also … Continue reading

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Living Lessig

Listening to, and blogging, Lessig live from the Ames Courtroom here at Harvard, as part of the Berkman@10 celebration. Lessig was here at the founding. Some public notes from his talk… There are two and a half doctors for every … Continue reading

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