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How to rescue radio

Radio used to be wireless audio on a broadcast band. That’s still the short version of every dictionary definition. But now radio is streamed audio. That was already the case when webcasting* showed up in the ’90s, and even more so … Continue reading

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Weekend Reading

In order of closing tabs: I hope my father dies soon. By Scott Adams. Strong shit. Stoic Week. Too late to participate, but not to be stoic. PeeperPeeper Catches Who Has Been Snooping on Your Private Messages. Yo, mall rats: … Continue reading

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Science, Tech & Politics A spectator’s view of the JFK funeral procession. (Shot by old friend Donald Hughes.) A photographer for his high-school yearbook, Hughes decided he had to document the passage of the president’s coffin on its horse-drawn caisson as … Continue reading

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Revisiting the last great comet

With Comet Ison on the horizon (but out of sight until it finishes looping around the Sun), I thought it might be fun to re-run what I wrote here in 1997 (in my blog-before-there-were-blogs), about the last great comet to grace Earth’s … Continue reading

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Sunday reading

A short list today, posted from a plane about to depart for London from Newark… Culture Eminönü Waterfront, Istanbul: Invented Traditions, Pickles in Cups, Grilled Mackerel Sandwiches, and the Pitfalls of Nostgia. By Stephen Lewis in Bubkes. About the realization … Continue reading

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Link pile-up

Photography, by Ken Libbrecht of Caltech. Follow the links. Amazing stuff. Alexey Kltijov‘s also amazing snowflake shots, with an explanation of technique Freedom vs. Surveillance Eben Moglen: Snowden and the Future. Three brilliant speeches so far, with one more to … Continue reading

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The most important Kickstarter ever

Fuse is more than a device and a smartphone app to go with it. The world is full of those already. Fuse is the first product in the digital age that can blow up every one of the silos built to … Continue reading

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A toast to strong women

Grandma Searls‘ footstone says “1882 –  ” and is hardly and overstatement. She died pushing 108 in 1990, and was lucid, loving and strong in all the ways that matter. She was one of four sisters in her family. That’s … Continue reading

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Quote du jour

Overheard: “I would rather not do this the VC way.”

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News with a Fuse

Culture Waterside Commerce, Istanbul: Cotton Candy Vendor At Day’s End and Waterside Commerce, Istanbul: Flower Vendor with Coat to Match. (Which get my votes for a perfect posts.) Prose in prison. By Andrew Sullivan. Source: Letters from Incarcerated Writers, … Continue reading

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