A toast to strong women

Grandma Searlsfootstone says “1882 –  ” and is hardly and overstatement. She died pushing 108 in 1990, and was lucid, loving and strong in all the ways that matter.

She was one of four sisters in her family. That’s them, with their dad, on the left. Grandma is the one on the bottom right.

My father was one of three sibs, with two sisters, Ethel and Grace. My mom was one of three sisters and one brother. My wife is one of six sisters, plus two brothers. All those women were, and are, strong too. (Grace is now 101 and doing great.) My sister (Commander in the U.S. Navy), daughters and granddaughter too. Love ’em all.

It’s Grandma’s birthday tomorrow, her 131st. It’s my wife’s birthday today. My daughter’s was yesterday. (Also JP Rangaswami‘s and RageBoy‘s.) So here’s a toast to all of them — and especially to the strong women who have been raising me all my life.

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  1. Chris says:

    Mid november birthdays — I have one brother-in-law whose is today, another b-i-l’s Saturday, and my wife’s is Sunday. My (92 YO) mother-in-law got embarrassed when I pointed out that this is basically 9 months after Valentine’s Day.

    Apparently Valentine’s Day hanky-panky has a long and fruitful history ;->

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