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Why the new iPad screen is the future of display

While everybody else is stuck in 1080p — aka “full HD” — Apple is thinking and developing on a bigger canvas than that — starting with the new iPad‘s 2048 x 1536 screen. They are always looking to move standard … Continue reading

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A small market fail

Airport wi-fi isn’t the biggest business, or the smallest. I’m not even sure it’s a discrete category. Some of it is a phone company side business (T-mobile, AT&T). Some of it is a business in itself (Boingo). Some of it … Continue reading

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Abate and switch

Newspapers got off on the wrong foot when they started publishing on the Web, by giving away what was valuable on the newsstand, and charging for last year’s fishwrap. That is, they gave away the news and charged for the … Continue reading

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Why Jeremy Lin will be fine

The Knicks just beat the Pacers, 102 to 88, in Indiana. Jeremy Lin had 19 points, 7 rebounds, 6 assists, 1 steal and 1 block. He only had two turnovers — his one problem stat.  But that problem will end, … Continue reading

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Clothing is a privacy system

Some clothing we need. That’s the kind that keeps us warm, or shielded from sunlight, or from getting our feet burned or cut up. Some clothing we wear because we like the way it makes us look, or how it … Continue reading

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Say where?

This photo of Chicago has suddenly had more than six thousand views thanks to being posted in CityPorn on Reddit. Fun. Here’s the whole series (on Chicago).

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The death rattles of AM, then FM

Check the Arbitron radio listening ratings for Washington DC. You have to go waaaay down the list before you find a single AM station that isn’t also simulcast on FM. But then, if you go to the bottom of the list, … Continue reading

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Earth to Cable: You don’t control us.

Just got stopped in my tracks by this passage in Plans for ‘TV Everywhere’ Bog Down in Tangled Pacts, in The Wall Street Journal: Nearly three years after Time Warner Inc. and Comcast Corp. kicked off a drive to make cable programming available online … Continue reading

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