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Remembering Jack Jensen

I just learned that Jack Jensen died yesterday, at age 71. I knew Jack a bit when I was a student at Guilford College in the late ’60s. (Class of ’69, to be precise.) Jack wasn’t much older than the … Continue reading

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On power, balance, shifting and disruption

What is this stuff we call power? This question came to mind when I read about Digital Power and Its Discontents, a conference coming up on 21 April at Georgetown. In it (says that link) they will be “exploring the … Continue reading

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Advertising in the pits

There is an ad running during the NCAA basketball playoffs that’s so creepy and surreal that I decided to take some screen shots of it, as a kind of public service to the company spending money on it. The scene … Continue reading

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Oil + Water

Four years and one day ago, we took a trip aboard a sailboat captained by our friend John Pfarr (who a few days later would later sail the same vessel to Hawaii, the South Seas and back — the dude … Continue reading

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Wide Water Rafting

I’m no yacht freak, but I this is one of the most amazing boats I’ve ever seen: The concept is a “moving island.” It’s name is dimensional: 58×38. That’s in meters. From Hat tip to Dion Neutra.

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Roundabout dogs: Consider your taste made.

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Two reading assignments

I submit to your interest two speeches that challenge acceptance of status quos by which our collective frogs are slowly boiling. First is Freedom in the Cloud, by Eben Moglen, given at the Internet Society in New York on 5 … Continue reading

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Go Crimson Quaker Gaucho Blue Devils

Seems like all my favorite college hoops teams are playing in tournaments. Harvard’s Crimson go up against Appalachian State tonight in the CIT. UCSB’s Gauchos are the 15th seed in the NCAA Men’s Midwest bracket, a checkbox win for #2 … Continue reading

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After the monsoon

We had a week of record rain here in Eastern Massachusetts. Lots of roads were closed as ponds and brooks overflowed their banks, and drainage systems backed up. At various places on Mass Ave north of Cambridge water was gushing … Continue reading

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Futures of the Internet

Earlier this year the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project and Elon University conducted research toward The Future of the Internet IV, the latest in their survey series, which began with Future of the Internet I – 2004. … Continue reading

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