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I feel safer already


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I just like that headline and wanted to write it down while it’s still in my front-of-mind. Feel free to re-use it.

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The #4 item on Twitter (behind Bailout, McCain and iPhone) is Selamat Hari Raya. #5 is #atlgas, for gas in Atlanta.

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The 2012 campaign

Got an email from my sister Jan the other day. She’s a Navy veteran who knew McCain, along with other notables. She’s also quite astute about politics, and follows it more closely than I do. I asked her if it’s … Continue reading

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Quote du jour

Shel Israel: I think that should just show the Fail Whale from now through the next inauguration.

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Bail Off

The bailout was shot down in the house. Redraw your own conclusions. Mine is that it’s a Bad Thing.

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Eric Norlin points (via Howard Linzon) to this piece by Andy Kessler. Eric’s summary: Smile. Think abundance, not scarcity. Get optimistic. I’m an born optimist, so this has an appeal.

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Saint Paul Newman

Great remembrance of Paul Newman by Manohla Dargis in the NY Times. (I’d like to beg forgiveness for the annoying login required by the Times, but I won’t. It’s just plain wrong for the Times to retain that friction after … Continue reading

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Thoughts atop the cliff

In his comment here, Mike Warot encourages me — and the rest of us — to watch this video by Karl Denninger, whose blog is here. I did. It’s good. But I’m not sure Denninger is right. Or all-right, let’s … Continue reading

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Fewer degrees of separation

Stephen Lewis latest, New York Women: Self-Vetting, My Aunt Estelle, and Haikus for Sale, visits the locus and origins of his firmly grounded sensibilities — for example, our distinctly New York senses of humor and our mutual stubbornly-held convictions that … Continue reading

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