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Preferring BlogWorld to Flogworld

I’ll be at Blogworld Expo in Las Vegas in September. Gotta say that I wouldn’t be going if it didn’t coincide with another obligation in town. But since I’ll be there, I’m interested in seeing if a sharper distinction can … Continue reading

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A unit of what?

A knol, Knol says, is a “unit of knowledge”. I don’t think so. But I do think Knol is already becoming a den of spam. My cursory research, at that link, suggests that the answer is yes. “Anemia“? No results. … Continue reading

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Why newspapers shouldn’t die

Dan Gillmor:   Newspapers have at least two more huge opportunities.   First is to open the archives, with permalinks on every story in the database. Newspapers hold more of their communities’ histories and all other media put together, yet … Continue reading

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Quick survey question

Do any of ya’ll have an HD radio? If so, whaddaya think? If not, what are the chances you’ll ever get one? Bonus link.

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Another click on the ratchet

I woke up with the song “Sixteen Candles” running through my mind. I didn’t get the dyslexic pun until I realized that I turn sixty-one today. Technically, I’ve got several more hours at sixty, since I’m writing this at 6:22, … Continue reading

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Partial escape from just one hell

What Google Does (and needs to keep doing). It’s about domain name registration, and how Google does that right — or closer to right than anything else I’ve found. An excerpt:   Did I use Google just because it’s a … Continue reading

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Cool. Literally.

This shot here (and above) has found a home here as well.

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What you’ll be watching and hearing

Opening the Cellwaves.

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Big Business Idea

I like the hotel we’re staying in. The wi-fi signal is strong, fast and free. The bed is firm and the sheets are fine cotton, topped by a soft comforter. The AC works well and isn’t too noisy. I have … Continue reading

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Opening the Book Cliffs

A few dozen million years ago, in the Eocene — not far back, as geology goes — a large lake covered much of what’s now western Colorado and eastern Utah. A lot of organic muck fell to the bottom, and … Continue reading

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