I’m in Mystic Seaport with family, looking at boats and learning history. It’s a great place that I remember well, even though I’m pretty sure the last time I came here was in the 5th grade, which would have been a little more than 50 years ago. Most of the antique boats currently on display here are younger than that. Perspective.

Anyway, earlier today I dropped my main camera, a Canon EOS 30D, and it no longer takes accurate light readings. It works, but I have to use another camera to read light, or guess at exposures and use trial-and-error. So I need to send it in for repairs. Any recommendations on that? The unit is long since out of warranty.

By the way, the shot above was taken not with the 30D, but with a little PowerShot SD 850IS, through one lens of my polarized sunglasses. The lens of the camera is small enough to do that. Other shots in that same series were taken with the 30D, but lacked the polarizing filter. They are much sharper and less grainy, but also less colorful.

I should be adding many more before the weekend is out, even with the 30D limping along.

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  1. FCrostic says:


    Concerning your Canon camera. We have a “old” D30 and it was having some focus problems. We went to Sammy’s and they sent it to Canon (in Irvine) for a flat $168. Canon did not have the parts so they sent us a rebuilt D30 which works great!


  2. Jan Searls says:

    I looked it up and the great place I took my Olympus OM1 25 years ago is still there, and if it is half as good as it was then, you’ve got a superb repair place close at hand, within walking distance, in fact:

  3. Doc Searls says:

    Wow. Thanks, Jan. I’ll bring it in on Monday.

    Fred, if the place Jan recommends can’t get it back to me this next week, I’ll bring it with me to Santa Barbara the following week and turn it over to the local Samy’s, which is where I bought it. My only concern there is turn-around time.

    Meanwhile it has been interesting to shoot by trial and error without the ability to measure light. Digital is a great advantage over film there, because I can shoot until I find the exposure is right. Not the best system, but a workable one until I get it fixed.

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