February 2008

  • More Lessig

    Lessig08.org is where Larry Lessig is anchoring vectors toward both running for Congress and changing it in any case. Searches: Google, Yahoo, Google Blogsearch, Technorati. Bonus link: Some gentle pushback (or push-somewhere, sort-of) from Gabe Wachob. Continue reading

  • Can KRCL be saved?

    I discovered KRCL in January of last year when I was driving from Salt Lake City to Las Vegas. It was a Sunday morning, and the music was some kind of Native American fusion mix that I couldn’t turn off. I love radio like that: radio that surprises me, radio that’s unlike anything anywhere else… Continue reading

  • CRM well done, by CR

    I’ve been a Consumer Reports reader and subscriber since the 1960s. And things have always been good between us, until this past few months, after changing my delivery address from my home in California to my apartment near Boston. So, a few minutes ago, I went on the ConsumerReports.org website, to check out my account… Continue reading

  • Is Google selling out to the GOP?

    … or is the GOP just buying stuff from Google and bragging about it? Marc Canter wondered the former with Is Google being played like a violin, which he wrote after reading this press release from GOPConvention2008.com. From the release:   As Official Innovation Provider, Google Inc. will enhance the GOP’s online presence with new… Continue reading

  • Quotes du jour

    I believe the unbroken web is the source of creativity, something that belongs to all of humankind…I believe the arts belong to everyone and that artists should be revered in culture. They are not, especially in a world run by anti-creative, left-brained bean counters. I’m not sure it’ll ever be any different, and for me… Continue reading

  • On the continuing end of broadcasting as usual

    In The end of DAB is nowhere near nigh?, Russell Parsons says,   …this morning’s announcement from GCap’s that it is closing two digital-only stations, Planet Rock and TheJazz, and selling its stake in national commercial digital radio operator Digital One to Arqiva, strikes a rather more portentous tone.   With the UK’s largest commercial… Continue reading

  • Probably not.

    But worth waiting anyway. Continue reading

  • Lobbying for Lessig

    Larry Lessig isn’t running for the late Tom Lantos‘ congressional seat. But that doesn’t mean we can’t push him. Which is what’s going on through the Draft Lessig for Congress blog and Facebook group. Google has 99 results as of 2:37pm (Pacific) today. Google Blogsearch has 13. Technorati has 14. Here’s the graph: The Facebook… Continue reading

  • On toiling in Marketing Communications mines

    My old friend Steve Lewis and I fell out of touch for almost a quarter century after college, leading almost entirely different lives in different parts of the world. We diverged on graduation in 1969, after having both been philosophy majors. I went on to careers in journalism, retailing, frozen produce wholesaling, ice cream truck… Continue reading

  • UnAmerican Airline

    Two days ago Jake McKee gave an amazing talk at There’s a New Conversation in New York. He came all the way from Dallas to share some of the great work he and his cohorts had done at the Lego Company, inspired in part by The Cluetrain Manifesto. I didn’t get the whole backstory on… Continue reading

  • Late deliveries from the Gmail laundry

    I love Gmail for one thing: it launders spam out of mail going to my searls.com address. I have things set up so Gmail picks it up from my server, and I pick it up from Gmail. Last I checked, there were over 22,000 spams in Gmail’s spam box. And the last I went through… Continue reading

  • You too tube

    Yes we can. No you can’t. Continue reading

  • Remembering Tom Lantos

    Andrew McLaughlin has an excellent tribute to my late former congresman, Tom Lantos. A sample:   During Committee meetings, he made a deep impression on me as a forceful orator, a sharp questioner, and a committed defender of due process and the rule of law. On the handful of occasions when I accompanied senior staffers… Continue reading

  • What’s wrong with this picture?

    So far I’ve had mostly nice things to say about the Obama campaign. So here’s my first dig: the index page. Hey, what if you don’t want to give them your email address and zip code? What if you don’t like the suggestion that the only way to Learn More is by giving that information… Continue reading

  • Cavalcade o’ Clues

    So it’s coming up on tomorrow, when we’ll be revisiting Cluetrain at There’s a New Conversation, at SAP’s place on Morton Street in New York. Some topics I expect we’ll discuss… wtf did we mean, if anything, with ‘markets are conversations’? wtf did we mean (and who were we talking to) when we said “we… Continue reading

  • Abandoning a stinking ship

    We should have known the gig was going to be up when Hillary’s handlers made “conversation” a buzztheme of her campaign early on. Wrote Todd Ziegler (at that last link),   The tagline “Let the Conversation Begin” is plastered all over her site and she begins her annoucement video with this quote: “I’m not just… Continue reading

  • Ze bones

    Skull a day. Continue reading

  • Musical seats

    Steve Lewis on musicians as presidents. For me, a musician in the White House would be no less unthinkable than an aging B-movie actor as president or a one-tine professional body-builder as governor of California. In contemporary Russia, even former chess grandmasters entertain political careers. Musicianship, like other endeavors, can generate requisite empathy and responsibility.… Continue reading

  • What companies would you volunteer for?

    That’s a thought raised by The Volunteer Economy. Continue reading

  • The Shopping Cart Index

    When I added John Robb’s Brave New War to my Amazon shopping cart, I was greeted by a new (for me) set of Important Messages at the top, telling me how much each item in my cart had gone up or down in price since I placed them there. Three have decreased in price. Five… Continue reading