Lobbying for Lessig

isn’t running for the late Tom Lantoscongressional seat. But that doesn’t mean we can’t push him.

Which is what’s going on through the Draft Lessig for Congress blog and Facebook group.

Google has 99 results as of 2:37pm (Pacific) today. Google Blogsearch has 13. Technorati has 14. Here’s the graph:

The Facebook group has 576 members. Quite a start.

Let’s see how it goes.

For Larry’s sake, I hate wishing this on him. For the country’s sake, I love that we’re doing it.

Remember how Dave says Ask not what the Net can do for you, ask what you can do for the Net.

Nobody is better for the Net, and for the Country, than Larry.

3 responses to “Lobbying for Lessig”

  1. […] Doc suggests Lessig be drafted to replace the late Congressman Lantos from California: Doc Searls Weblog · Lobbying for Lessig […]

  2. Hey Doc-
    I live in the 12th CD. I am (and have been) supporting Jackie Speier for the seat. She’s got a long history here locally as an effective representative at the state level. While I like the idea of Larry Lessig at the national political level, I would really like him NOT to run – we have others here who I think could be more effective immediately, and have deep roots in the community.

    How about Lessig for Atty General in the Obama administration? There are a lot of other opportunities where I think he could be more effective – the Congressional sausage factory is not necessarily the best place to make change (at least at the scope that Lessig is talking about).

    Since we’re pageslapping: http://www.jackieforcongress.com — I encourage your readers to research her legislative background for themselves, especially if they live here in the 12th CD.


  3. I blogged a few more thoughts about this here:


    As enthusiastic as we might be about him being a member of Congress, he’s still got a district to represent — namely, mine!!!!

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