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I believe the unbroken web is the source of creativity, something that belongs to all of humankind…
I believe the arts belong to everyone and that artists should be revered in culture. They are not, especially in a world run by anti-creative, left-brained bean counters. I’m not sure it’ll ever be any different, and for me personally, that’s okay. For no bean counter will ever experience the rush that is touching the unbroken web. That, my friends, is a form of currency more costly than gold.
Terry Heaton

The cowards among us never started, and the weaklings died on the road. — Niles Searls, a forty-niner and later 14th Chief Justice of the California Supreme Court. Found via Hank Searls in his book Blood Song. Best quote from Hank: The adverb is the enemy of the verb.

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  1. We are all artists. To be human is to be an artist.

    Just as we are all born equal, so we are all born artists, and no artist should be given a privilege of suspending the liberty of another.

    By all means revere ourselves as artists and all of our art in culture, but what art we artists produce from our private space to publish in mankind’s cultural commonwealth belongs to all – to use, perform, reproduce, and build upon as any of us please.

    Such liberty threatens no truth of authorship, no privacy of property (whether material or intellectual), and least of all life, which only becomes the more enriched.

    Abolish copyright.
    Abolish patent.

    These are the remaining suspensions of all artist’s liberty that must be undone before we can consider ourselves truly emancipated from the shackles of commerce in our freedom.

    The Artist’s Hippocratic Oath:
    “I will not accept the enslavement of my fellow man, nor any imposition upon his liberty, as reward for the publication of my art”

    This is a work of free culture.
    It respects all artists equally: those whose work I build upon, myself, and those who build upon my work.
    I hope some day you’ll join us.

  2. Sydney Searls says:

    I am a direct decendent of the Niles Searls to whom you refer. My brother, in fact is Niles Addison Searls. Just thought I would share. Thank you.

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