New England Blues

The soft white silence is settling outside on a cold winter mornng. I’m guessing about two inches so far, atop the eight or so that remain from last week’s storm.

The above is from Intellicast, my fave new online weather toy.

Talked to a friend in San Diego last night. He was taking a break from playing tennis. Back home in Santa Barbara, it’s been in the 80s lately. At one point a couple days ago, the temperature difference between there and here was close to 80 degrees.

Still, this is a kind of loveliness I grew up with. There’s still a 10 year old inside me who sees this and wants to go outside, go sledding down the hill, build snow forts and not do a damn thing that isn’t fun.

One response to “New England Blues”

  1. “Snowball fight” is still big here.

    Snow on Sunday, perfect.

    Tommy Flanagan’s piano, strong coffee, fireplace popping.

    Nothing moves in our street but an occasional city plow.

    Just had a knock on the door, knew we would open to, “Can I shovel for you?”

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