… is getting tiresome.

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4 Responses to Twthbbbbt!

  1. SueMarks says:

    It has been like that over a week. How about a THWAAAACCKKK on the side of the head of twitter

  2. Mike Warot says:

    It’s bad engineering done by kids with no experience trying to cram 2 new features into code that already consumes 511 of the available 512 bytes of code in a 68HC11. Or at least that’s what this crotchety old programmer thinks.

    The last time I did the math, twitter had an aggregate flow rate somewhere around 60k / second. Let’s presume growth, and say it’s now 100k/second. I’ve got a stack of old PCs in my office, and I’d be willing to bet cold hard cash that I could take 10 of them, and make them into a cluster capable of handling the full tweet load.

    Twitter is the Chicago Cubs of networking services. It’ll be better, just wait until next year! 8)


  3. Mike Warot says:

    By the way.. this is what Cold Hard Cash really looks like:

    Not some namby-pampy soon to be hyperinflated greenback.

  4. Flodner says:

    One more reason to make the analogy between Twitter and Zwitter.
    Have you seen this video?

    Well, it sad that there is not such thing for Twitter as
    photo recovery mac tool for Macintosh

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