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From 2007 until about a month ago, I wrote on three blogs that lived at There was my personal blog (this one here, which I started after retiring my original blog), ProjectVRM‘s blog (also its home page), and Trunkline, a blog about infrastructure that was started by Christian Sandvig when he and I were both fellows at Harvard’s Berkman Center for Internet and Society (and which I kept alive with very occasional posts since then). The image above is from those blogs’ header images.

All three are now re-homed. This one is at (a URL that had redirected to blogs/ for many years), ProjectVRM’s is at (a URL that had redirected to address) and Trunkline’s (which had been at is now at

Their hosting service is, a WordPress subsidiary that worked with the Berkman Klein Center to make sure that every link on the Web pointing to pages at those three Harvard-hosted blogs now goes to those pages’ new locations, without anything being 404’d. Which is just. freaking. awesome.

My thanks and gratitude to all the people who helped, both within those organizations and in my own network of friends. Together they demonstrate that the Web is a living archive and not just a whiteboard.

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  2. Great news, Doc! And quite an achievement to do it so seamlessly.

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