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My Firefox phucked by phishing?

So I wanted to give GIMP a try on my MacBook Air. I’ve used it on Linux boxen, but not in awhile. These days I edit my photos with Photoshop and Lightroom on the Mac because there are so many things … Continue reading

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Figuring @Flickr

Here’s a hunk of what one set (aka Album) in my Flickr stream looks like: And here are what my stats on Flickr looked like earlier today (or yesterday, since Flickr is on GMT and it’s tomorrow there): I ended up … Continue reading

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Thoughts on tracking-based advertising

Yesterday @davidweinberger and I were guests on screen at a @commongroundmcr session in Manchester, hosted by Julian Tait (@Julianlstar) and Ian Forrester (@cubicgarden). We talked for a long time about a lot of stuff (here’s a #cmngrnd search featuring some of it); but what … Continue reading

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How will WMAL-AM survive losing its transmitter?

This is about AM radio stations being worth less than the ground they stand on. Case in point: WMAL-AM in Washington, DC. You can see the problem with this Google Map: The heart-shaped patch of green between the legs of … Continue reading

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Local jazz radio coming to Kansas City

So I just learned that a Kansas City Jazz station is headed toward existence. If you love any of these musicians, this should be very good news. The story begins, By this time next year, Kansas City-style jazz might be … Continue reading

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Shooting my escape to Paradise

Here is how New York looked through my front window yesterday at 3:51am, when I was packing to fly and drive from JFK to LAX to Santa Barbara: I shoveled a path to the street four times: the first three … Continue reading

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