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Loving the Alps of Los Angeles

I orient by landmarks. When I was growing up in New Jersey, the skyline of New York raked the eastern sky. To the west were the Watchung “Mountains“: hills roughly half the height of Manhattan’s ranking skyscrapers. But they gave me … Continue reading

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Come to VRM and Personal Cloud Day

Today is VRM and Personal Cloud Day at the Computer History Museum. Register at that first link. Or just show up. It’s free. (Registering gives us a better idea of head count.) It’s the time and place to brainstorm about both … Continue reading

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Let’s destroy the panopticons

Here is what Chris Locke wrote about panopticons in Chapter One of The Cluetrain Manifesto. Read closely: The New Marketplace: Word Gets Around In the late eighteenth century, the British philosopher Jeremy Bentham imagined a little nightmare he called a “panopticon” … Continue reading

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Re-birthing Radio

Radio’s 1.x era is coming to an end. Signs and portents abound. The rise and decline of AM radio just ran in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, hometown paper for KDKA, the granddaddy of AM radio in the U.S. In AM/FM Radio … Continue reading

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Plug your car into the rest of your life

Your late-model car knows a lot more than its dashboard tells you. It knows how fast you’ve been going on every trip, your fuel mileage, your tire pressures and much more. It even knows what your engine light really means … Continue reading

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The only way publishing can escape the forest of silos

The Forrest of Silos problem I describe in the last post is exactly what Josh Marshall of TPM is dealing with when he says (correctly) “there’s no single digital news publishing model” — and what Dave Winer also correctly talks about here.) Every publisher requiring a login/password, or using … Continue reading

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Hart Island: a movie we need, about zombies as heroes

As Halloween approaches (and death itself, for all of us, eventually), I find myself thinking, Do zombies always have to be bad? And, What if zombies were good? And, Hey, maybe good zombies are what we call ‘angels’. Then I find myself wondering … Continue reading

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IIW Challenge #1: Sovereign Identity in the Great Silo Forest

Who are you? What are you? If the answers come from you, they speak of your sovereign identity: that which is yours and you control. If the answers come from your employer, your doctor, the Department of Motor Vehicles, Apple, … Continue reading

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So some day they don’t have to

Customer Commons‘ invites you to a screening of Terms and Conditions May Apply, @CullenHoback‘s  award-winning documentary on the state of personal privacy online. NOTE: The venue is now at Stanford University, in conjunction with the United Nations Association Film Festival, and will be … Continue reading

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And one click to close the tab

— when I see this kind of stuff pop over what I came to read:

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