2013_06_11 link pile

To the internet giants, you’re not a customer. You’re just another user. — Yahoo, Microsoft, Google et al don’t really offer ‘free’ email and it’s naive to expect any form of customer service from them, by John Naughton in The Guardian

Monster gas cloud could unveil Milky Way’s black-hole hub, in Physics World.

Exclusive Testimony on Unlocking: Beware Cellphone Companies’ ‘Red Herring’ by Derek Khanna in Wired.

Don’t treat consumers like criminals, by Ajit V. Pai in the New York Times.

Using metadata to find Paul Revere, by Kieran Healy

I favor the Pats bringing in Tim Tebow, at the WBZ poll.

Asked @AppleSupport about why its reservation system for stores seemed not to be working. Needed to make an appointment for a crashy laptop. (Finally got through.) Meanwhile, interesting that both @AppleSupport and @TheAppleInc seem to be kinda thin on Twitter.

Senators: NSA Phone Sweeping has been going on since 2007, by Alexander Bolton in The Hill

Why PRISM kills the cloud, by Jonny Evans in Computerworld.

Setting the record straight, by Ron Bell, General Counsel, Yahoo!

Analyzing Yahoo’s PRISM non-denial, by Chris Saghoian.

Majority Views NSA Phone Tracking as Acceptable Anti-terror Tactic: Public Says Investigate Terrorism, Even If It Intrudes on Privacy, in Pew Research Center for People and the Press. Yes, but the majority doesn’t publish or dissent.

Spy agencies have turned our digital lives inside out. We need to watch them, by Ronald Deibert in The Globe and Mail.

Where in the world is Edward Snowden?, by Connor Simpson in Atlantic Wire.

Lee Clow on advertising then and now, by Rupal Parekh in AdAge. (Lee was a legend at Chiat|Day, back in the decade. One of the heroes of the business.

FLAC Gets First Update in 6 Years, in Slashdot.

Another Government Data Broker Inquiry Is Underway: Study Comes Amid Escalating Data Collection Scandal, by Kate Kaye in AdAge

Beware trading privacy for convenience, by Ray Wang in HBR

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