2013_06_12 link pile

Free customers are more valuable than captive ones, in HBR

Big tech firms urge openness on NSA probes, by Craig Timberg and Cecilia Kang Washington Post, in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch

National Security FISA Secrecy: Hiding from the American People, by Lauren Weinstein.

Maybe this is why the feds are spying on people. A bit paranoid, methinks, but sometimes the paranoids are right. Another one.

Persona and surveillance, by Ben Adida at the Identity at Mozilla blog. Well put. Hands off to StopWatchingUs.

DroneNet pizza delivery, by John Robb.

The Secret War, by James Bamford in Wired

More Intrusive Than Eavesdropping? NSA Collection of Metadata Hands Gov’t Sweeping Personal Info, on Democracy Now

FISC Orders on Illegal Government Sureveillance, by the EFF

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