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Beyond caveat emptor

First, three posts by JP Rangaswami: Does the Web make experts dumb? Does the Web make esperts dumb, Part 2: who is the teacher? Does the Web make experts dumb, Part 3: the issues His bottom line in the last … Continue reading

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An oracle looks at Oracle

ERP Software Advice has put together an informal but well-thought-out poll on Oracle’s next take-over target. Dig it here. My own off-the-wall bet was on Akamai, which Stephen was kind enough to include in his report. Even if you don’t … Continue reading

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For your soul’s bibliography

I’ve been so heads-down working on a book, and prepping ¬†for this this week’s workshop, that I haven’t blogged anything in a while. Normally blogging is a steam valve for my work, but tweeting does more of that now. (Which … Continue reading

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Bomb sights

Last week I flew back and forth from Boston to Reno by way of Phoenix. Both PHX-RNO legs took me past parts of Nevada I hadn’t had a good look at before. One item stood out: a dry lake that … Continue reading

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On being wrong

I recently realized that the line “Markets are conversations” (familiar as the first thesis in The Cluetrain Manifesto) was born at least partly from my experience as a resident of many forums on Compuserve, in the late 1980s and early … Continue reading

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Second Waves

Here’s a theory: others can make better things with Google Wave’s parts than Google made with Wave itself, the death of which Google announced today. Sez that post, The central parts of the code, as well as the protocols that … Continue reading

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Not a great way to run an airport

It’s bad enough that signage toward Boston Logan’s economy parking lot has never been ideal. It’s a lot worse now that they’ve killed off that lot, changed almost none of the original signage, and opened a new lot that’s actually … Continue reading

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