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Getting Gustav

A little guide to New Orleans radio & other Hurricane Gustav sources. If you’re using a regular over-the-air-type radio, and you’re within 750 miles or so of New Orleans, tune in 870am to hear WWL. It’s one of the original … Continue reading

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Amidst the Palin din

I listened to McCain’s veep selection live on the radio. Struck me as pretty smart, though maybe a little too smart for McCain’s own good. His attacks on Obama’s lack of experience ring kinda hollow after he’s picked a backup … Continue reading

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AT&T GT Ultra Express device driver wanted

We have a MacBook Pro in need of a device driver that will make a GT Ultra Express data card work. The card is made by Option. Documents here show it working on the laptop. The 4th and last AT&T … Continue reading

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Affirmative distraction

If the presidential election ends in a tie, as it kind of did in 2000, I suggest settling it with a game of one-on-one basketball between Barack Obama and Sarah Palin.

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Maybe it has Alzheimers

Why does Facebook bother with a “remember me” checkbox when it never does? Related: I now have 212 friend request, 3 friend suggestions, 6 event invitations, 1 music invitation and 190 “other requests”. Saying this is too much doesn’t cover … Continue reading

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Off we go

Well, approximately nothing mechanical or electical is working right. Both laptops are flaky and both cameras are screwy too. But the car works, so I’m taking the boys on a trip to the Antelope Valley Fair. We have tickets to … Continue reading

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Putting the buyer in charge

The Buyer’s Envelope, Please is a post over at the VRM blog in which I do some thinking out loud about a topic I’m still learning about.

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A slolam

Lots of pretty thunderheads between Phoenix and Salt Lake City. We’ll be dodging those shortly.

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From e-lections to e-vernance

My first piece about the Obama Convention. (I know that’s a terrible headline, but I’m busy and don’t have time to make it better. And it doesn’t matter anyway.)

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Our polylithic world

Marc Canter and family stopped by a couple days ago, and everybody had a lot of fun. Naturally we talked shop as well. In the midst Marc shared a one-liner that I love: “Open is the new black”. Which brings … Continue reading

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