Cruising over Cornwall

Got some nice pictures of the Cornwall Coast, while still ascending out of Heathrow en route to Washington and Boston.

The shot above is of Padstow Bay, with Trebetherick and the Polzeaths on the right, above Padstow and Daymer Bays. (The latter is the lower, or southern, one.)

Interesting to see how the surf hits the Polzeaths at full force. Some pretty big waves there. You can also see the corduroy surface of the ocean, as the waves advance from a swell coming in from the west.

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4 Responses to Cruising over Cornwall

  1. That’s some weird route. US-bound planes usually head off 90 degrees to the right of that direction. *Really* bad weather to avoid yesterday?

  2. Doc Searls says:

    There was a lot of weather to the north, and the wind that day was up to 70mph straight out of the west, as that surf also suggests. In fact, I was a bit concerned as we took off, but the flight was smooth, though long. We were over an hour late, due entirely to headwinds.

    I got no shots from it, but my flight before this from LAX to LHR was just seven hours long, and benefitted from very high tailwinds. It was amazingly fast. I think it may have set a record.

  3. DaMan says:

    I will definitely be keeping up with your blog, the site looks great !
    Those pictures are fantastic. I have flown out of Heathrow a few times but it is always very murky, I wish i could have seen that! Cheers: )

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