Clue shipping

Says here at Amazon that Cluetrain is …

  • #13,139 in Books
  • #33 in Web Marketing
  • #34 in Theory
  • and
  • #43 in E-Commerce
  I kinda like the Theory thing, not sure about the other two. But hey, for a book that old, it’s not bad.
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2 Responses to Clue shipping

  1. Jim S says:

    Freakin amazon… I put Clue on wishlist for Christmas and got 3 copies. Why do people buy stuff based on your list but not FROM the list itself? Don’t they know the stress inducing havoc it causes to get duplicates of things bought online???? Gaaaah

    As much as Amazon wishlists help me get what I want they also ensure I get 2 or 3 of what I want.

  2. John Wlker says:

    We may have flooded the market in the Used section. We gave out 300 copies at our last event. 🙂

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