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I’m not only missing Red Sox celebrations in Boston, but also Halloween in both New England and our other home in Santa Barbara. Every year there we’ve enjoyed the annual Halloween Journey at the Waldorf School. Still, we have memories. … Continue reading

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Following quake news

Been following the Alum Rock #earthquake via Twitter. Not surprisingly, the USGS (United States Geological Survey) front page has no news about it, even on its newsroom page, where the most recent item is a promo for a podcast recorded … Continue reading

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Fun with in-line graphics

One of the more odd and fun facts about the way the Web works is that the graphics (or whatever) you use on your web page can be running live from somewhere else. So, say somebody runs a graphic image … Continue reading

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From curse to cursory

We picked a great time to move to Boston: just as all the major sports teams — in an awesome sports town — are peaking, big time. And I picked the worst time to be gone for two weeks. First … Continue reading

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True, and cool

Craig Smith: The road to the Academy Awards now goes through Santa Barbara.

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And the market, while we’re at it

Dana Blankenhorn: Dump the Silo Model. His gist (quoted in the long because by shortening it I risk leaving out his full thrust and the importance of it.   Bob Frankston says we should all own our own infrastructure. Bob … Continue reading

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Made it to München. Munich. It’s kinda fun to dust off what little Deutch remains, forty years after I finished taking three years of it in high school, including the first year twice, then gave most of it back when … Continue reading

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Err line

So I’m sitting on the floor near Gate 8 in Terminal 1 at JFK, propped like a doll against a pole between a trash can and the only power outlet in the whole concourse, near as I can tell.* People … Continue reading

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Let’s help the humans

Sitting at Britt‘s place (on his birthday, no less… happy birthday, dude!), talking with Tom Stites, who just said — approximately, but this is close enough — that VRM is about “rehumanizing” business. I love that. Because it’s about equipping … Continue reading

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The Time Before Land

The Universe is 13.7 billion years old, give or take. Earth, and the Solar System, are 4.6 billion years old, pretty much. That means our planet has been around for a little over a third of the history of the … Continue reading

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