Moving on

dead truck

I started this blog in August 2007 after the host for my original blog went away. (That blog has been preserved, however. Find it at

At the time I was told something like “Hey, Harvard has been around since 1636, so your blog will last a long time here.” Well, the duration will be a bit less than sixteen years: Harvard is shutting the server down on Friday. [Later: it didn’t.]

I just got this news here, in an announcement posted in March. I missed it until Rogers Cadenhead (@rcade) told me about it on Twitter. [Later: the announcement was put in an obvious place: in the blog’s dashboard header. I still missed it. Disclosure: sometimes the obvious is not apparent to me.]

So I am scrambling now, with the help of friends, to move the contents of this blog to a new place. Hopefully, that will be or or both. We’ll see. [Later: it landed here at, which had been a redirect URL aimed for many years at]

Two other blogs I run—ProjectVRM and Trunkline—also need to be moved. ProjectVRM is the one that matters more. If all goes according to plan, will map to the same blog in its own new place. Trunkline will go to [Later: both of these are (as of early July 2023) in the midst of both staying where they are and moving elsewhere. ProjectVRM should appear at some point at]

Here are my final Harvard-hosted posts on ProjectVRM and Trunkline:

My thanks to the Berkman Klein Center for hosting these blogs for so many years, and for the amazing community it serves— and in which I remain a devoted member.

The image above is of a truck I borrowed being towed away after the engine blew up in King City, California, back in 2005. It’s not a good illustration of what’s going on, but the best I could do in a hurry. I’ll find a better one later.

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