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A storage crisis

The best new phones come with the ability to shoot 108 megapixel photos, record 4K video with stereo sound, and pack the results into a terabyte of onboard storage. But what do you do when that storage fills up? If … Continue reading

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Redux 002: Listen Up

This is a 1999 post on the (pre-blog) website that introduced my handful of readers to The Cluetrain Manifesto, which had just gone up on the Web, and instantly got huge without my help. It was also a dry run for a chapter in the book … Continue reading

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What becomes of journalism when everybody can write or cast?

Formalized journalism is outnumbered. In the industrialized world (and in much of the world that isn’t), nearly everyone of a double-digit age has a Net-connected mobile device for sharing words they write and scenes they shoot. While this doesn’t obsolesce professional … Continue reading

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Dialog with a robot

So I ordered one of these yesterday… …and got a notice that said, That was to my building in Manhattan: a three-story walk-up in a district that’s post-dangerous but pre-gentrified. In other words, safe; but not beyond worry that someone … Continue reading

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Redux 001: BuzzPhrasing

Since I’m done with fighting in the red ocean of the surveillance-dominated Web, I’ve decided, while busy working in the blue ocean (on what for now we’re calling i-commerce), to bring back, in this blog, some of the hundreds of things … Continue reading

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