Enough Alreadies

I just unsubscribed from Quora notifications.


  1. With my new full-time gig as editor-in-chief of Linux Journal, I have close to no time for anything else, even though many other obligations do take time. Some of those also pay, and so require that I cut out as many distractions as I can.
  2. The filter bubble thing works a bit too well. Two topics I’ve answered a lot—about IQ and radio—seem to bring an avalanche of others that beg to be answered, which I do too quickly, again and again. As a result I’ve said the same damn thing, or the same kinds of damn things, too many times.
  3. I’m not sure writing there does much good. But then, the world is now so thick with “content” that I’m not sure writing anywhere does as much good as it used to.
  4. It’s time now to look for effects. Except for up and down voting, which say almost nothing to me, I have little if any sense that anything I write on Quora means much, if anything, to other people.
  5. It’s not my space. It’s Quora’s

Also, in case you haven’t noticed, I’ve slacked off here, at doc.blog and other bloggy places of mine online, other than in Linux Journal. And even there a lot of what I do there is behind the scenes.

Even for people like me, whom marketers call “influencers” (and is nothing to brag about), writing to effect is getting harder and harder. Even if something gets a lot of notice, the news cycle is hardly longer than Now, and the sense of having done something quickly disappears.

So, while it’s a small thing, I’m moving on from Quora and focusing on stuff I know matters, whether I sense effects or not.

Life in the Fast & Vast Lane, I guess.

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3 Responses to Enough Alreadies

  1. Joe Crawford says:

    We lost the permalink. We don’t share a permalink to a story in the same way. We’re losing hypertext. You have to be in Quora for Quora to be meaningful. If you share it – people usually need to *get a Quora account* to see it. A lovely walled garden but a walled garden nonetheless.

    I’m coming around to the notion of the folks who back the idea of “Indieweb” – we must control our own places.

    But we need to get the RSS ecosystem back for that, and Google seems somehow to have killed the momentum there.

  2. Doc Searls says:

    Thanks, Joe. I agree to all of that.

    The Indieweb link: https://indieweb.org/ .

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