Pile ‘o links #2

This continues my pre-Spring housecleaning of remembered tabs. #1 is here.

The spork, the pressure cooker, and the back burner … | deadpenguinsociety. Great collection of links, including “Second order Doc Searls effects.”
VRM — the flipside of CRM breaks out (part 1) — diginomica
VRM — the flipside of CRM breaks out (part 2) — diginomica
​The mainframe lives on in IBM’s LinuxONE | ZDNet
My Explorations of Blockchain Technology, One Year In | Phil Gomes | LinkedIn
The Genomic Ancient DNA Revolution | Edge.org
Ad Blockers Are Making Money Off Ads (And Tracking, Too) | WIRED
Wired Is Launching an Ad-Free Website to Appease Ad Blockers – Bloomberg Business
Media companies worried as ad blocking goes mobile – FT.com
Heavyweight – The New Yorker
Bitcoin’s nightmare scenario has come to pass | The Verge
The challenges of using blockchain technology – Linkis.com
The Financial System is Unstable !!! | The Connectivist
Technoethics and The Future of Work — Medium
The Onlife Manifesto – Being Human in a Hyperconnected Era | Luciano Floridi – Academia.edu Creating an Equitable Tech Ecosystem in Oakland — Medium
European Carrier Blocks Ads at Network Level | Digital – AdAge
Yahoo Hires Advisers, Forms Committee to Explore Options | Digital – AdAge
blog.aloodo.org – Bike helmets
IBM Buys Truven for $2.6 Billion, Adding to Trove of Patient Data – The New York Times
Mobile giant Three to block online advertising
Block an Ad Save an Artist? Google Still Supporting Ad Funded Piracy Time to Fight Back | The Trichordist
Here’s How Electric Cars Will Cause the Next Oil Crisis
My view on the current situation of Bitcoin and the Blockchain – Joi Ito’s Web
What’s Next in Computing? — Medium
If you’re alive in 30 years, chances are good you may also be alive in 1000 years (haakonsk)
A Robot That Has Fun at Telemarketers’ Expense – The New York Times
Google Unveils Neural Network with “Superhuman” Ability to Determine the Location of Almost Any Image
Could machines have become self-aware without our kn…
Build them and they will come | The Economist
Empowering the edge – Practical insights on a decentralized Internet of Things
Internet Identity Workshop
It seems nobody knows what’s going on with the economy | Andrew McAfee
Where’s The WD-40? 02/15/2016
From Platforms to Protocols | lightcoin
IVP Capital TMT Advisory – Telecom and Internet Strategic and Financial Advisory
Consciousness; the Next Competitive Advantage |
Filament – Large-scale Wireless Networks
Re-imagining Decentralized and Distributed
Apple, FBI, and the Burden of Forensic Methodology | Zdziarski’s Blog of Things

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