Pile o’ Links #3

I’d say more, but it’s torture to reorganize (much less outline under topical headings) and annotate this stuff in WordPress’ composing window (or whatever you call it).

American Demagogue – The New Yorker. Good one by David Remnick. No news, though.
Millions of ordinary Americans support Donald Trump. Here’s why | Thomas Frank | Opinion | The Guardian. Another.
Lakoff on Trump as Repub catnip. Dave nails it. He also makes another good point: that somebody needs to translate George’s take on Trump to the accessible from the academic. I’ll try, but after the 18th. I’m too busy until then.
What Today’s Republicans Don’t Get About Reagan – The New York Times. He was nowhere near today’s GOP orthodoxy or attitude. He also had a sense of humor.
Emily Bell’s latest
Why no UI standards for the web?
Who is That Man Behind the Curtain? It Certainly Isn’t a Shareholder (or a Voter)… | Strong Views Lightly Held
Peasants, Pitchforks & Torches. Or Why Bank Stocks are Tanking. | Strong Views Lightly Held
DSpace@MIT: Keys Under Doormats: Mandating insecurity by requiring government access to all data and communications
(Here is an excerpt from the book I am working on. Enjoy!) — Wild World of Wireless — Medium
Taxman pops up on online ads | Business Line
Terms of engagement — latest Marketoonist | Marketing Week
Facebook is eating the world – Columbia Journalism Review
How Shyp Is Shaking Up Shipping | Fast Company | Business + Innovation
God Save The Queen – And Proceed With Caution While Backing Up 02/23/2016
The Genomic Ancient DNA Revolution | Edge.org

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