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Watch Jesus this weekend

Every year about this time I lament the absence of a good copy of Franco Zefferelli‘s Jesus of Nazareth, which aired as a mini-series on low-def TV in 1977, though it was surely filmed in at least 35mm stock. But … Continue reading

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Tabs by the dozens, part 1

After accumulating more than a thousand tabs (in OneTab) over the last few months, I whittled the collection down to a couple hundred, which I’ll post at a rate of a couple dozen or so at a time. I’ll start … Continue reading

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Oil and Water on California’s South Coast

Oil in the water is one of the strange graces of life on Califonia’s South Coast. What we see here is a long slick of oil in the Pacific, drifting across Platform Holly, which taps into the Elwood Oil Field, … Continue reading

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Friday Linklings

Okay, today I’m going to try outlining the links I piled up before 8:45am this morning. (#VRM request to @Wordpress: put an outliner in the composing window, or whatever you call the space where I’m writing this. Also, quit putting … Continue reading

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Pile o’ Links #3

I’d say more, but it’s torture to reorganize (much less outline under topical headings) and annotate this stuff in WordPress’ composing window (or whatever you call it). American Demagogue – The New Yorker. Good one by David Remnick. No news, … Continue reading

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Pile ‘o links #2

This continues my pre-Spring housecleaning of remembered tabs. #1 is here. The spork, the pressure cooker, and the back burner … | deadpenguinsociety. Great collection of links, including “Second order Doc Searls effects.” VRM — the flipside of CRM breaks … Continue reading

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Pile ‘o links #1

I use OneTab to move all my open tabs into a single list on a Web page. But then that gets unwieldy too. So now I’m moving a bunch over here. Although it’s a sloooow process inside WordPress’ composition window … Continue reading

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A tale of two stars

(This post is reblogged from this one, posted on June 11, 2001.) The best live performance I’ve ever attended was John Lee Hooker playing St. Joseph’s AME (African Methodist Episcopal) Church in Durham, North Carolina. It was around the turn of the … Continue reading

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Free Money!

I’d like to find a way to say “You may be owed money!” that doesn’t sound like spam. But I that’s the message, and it’s true, so here you go. A few days ago a cousin-in-law told the extended family’s mail list … Continue reading

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