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 What if Age Is Nothing but a Mind-Set? – At one level, yeah. But age also kills 100% of its victims. Believe me: I’ve been studying this for many decades.
 Why women leave tech: It’s the culture, not because ‘math is hard’ – Fortune. Of course. But women are still taking over. Trust me. We need it, too.
 Surveillance Self-Defense | Tips, Tools and How-tos for Safer Online Communications. Important stuff you’ll ignore. Trust me on that too.
 Don’t punch the monkey. Embrace the Badger. One of Don Marti’s good ones.
 Identity as a weapon. T.Rob thinking well and deeply.
 Promise Theory — What Is It? | Linux Journal. Never heard of it before, which is a good thing. Read on.
 Taylor Swift and the Economics of Music as a Service. A harbinger of things to come. Here’s the thing: streaming is getting to be how most of us use music. It pays the artist shit, and it costs the streamers more dearly than ever. But there’s an answer:
 EmanciPay – Project VRM. I can think of no other way. Maybe the world will come around to seeing the wisdom of this approach.
 Airwave Auction Set For 2016: FCC – Business Insider. Auctioning spectrum is like auctioning colors or insisting the world is a cone. But normative, so there ya go.
 Why Podcasting Is Bigger Than You Think – Edison Research. Huge, in fact. Bigger than most radio stations.
 State of the Internet | Brought to you by Akamai Always interesting and useful.
 Passwords are Obsolete — Medium Always have been. Now we need to prove it with pudding.
 Samir Saran: The ITU and Unbundling Internet Governance – Council on Foreign Relations Context: the ITU is about telecom, not Internet. Just remember that.
 Never say never: why TV networks are suddenly ready to unbundle — Tech News and Analysis. Well, not really. Some of them, a little. But unbundling is inevitable. The questions are when and how.
 The latest malvertising incident and why you should care. Lots of ads online are personal now. And they’re not all about giving you a “better experience.”
 SSRN-id2511947.pdf. The full text of the above.
 Eisenhower’s military-industrial warning rings truer than ever | Technology | The Observer. And it’s been ever for a long time already, which means things are now extra extra bad.
 Men’s Basketball: Dwight Durante Was a 5-8 Sensation | Catawba College Athletics. I watched this guy destroy other teams, back in the decade. Amazing player. He was the best 3-point shooter in a time when all those shots were still worth only 2 points.
 Goodbye, Organization Man – He’s actually been gone for a long time.
 As Online Viewing Soars, Internet TV Will Soon Be the Only TV | WIRED. Which I’ve been saying for years. But the inevitable seems to be approaching asymptotically.
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