A Reading List

I thought I’d assemble a reading list of blog posts and other stuff I’ve written or said recently, for Andreas Weigend‘s Social Data Revolution class at the UC Berkeley School of Information, in which I participated a few days ago. So here goes. All this is stuff published roughly since The Intention Economy came out:

From this blog —

From the ProjectVRM blog —

From Linux Journal —

From HBR —

And from elsewhere —


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3 Responses to A Reading List

  1. Alexander V. says:

    Thank you, Doc Searls. Your book ‘The Intention Economy’ is a brilliant piece of work on free markets and the internet. Are you currently working on another book? If not, I think you should be. 😉

    Big fan.

    – Alexander
    Chief editor at Superstoked magazine.

  2. Alexander V. says:

    Glad to hear it, Doc. 😀 Pedal to the metal. I’ll definitely buy it. And if you need further positive incentive, I would recommend that you read through the customer reviews on your book’s amazon page. Best of luck onwards with your writing.

    – Alexander

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