2013_06_16 link pile

NPR on the NSA’s giant data farm.

E-Commerce’s Future Is in Creating ‘Swift Guanxi,’ or Personal and Social Rapport, in Science Daily. Good one, especially for providing VRM context. It begins,

Despite the reputation of online marketplaces being distant and impersonal, through social technologies such as instant messaging, they can create the sense of personal and social relationships between buyers and sellers, termed “swift guanxi” in China, to facilitate loyalty, interactivity and repeat transactions, according to new research by Temple University Fox School of Business Professor Paul A. Pavlou.

Three researchers — in addition to Pavlou, Tilburg University’s Carol Xiaojuan Ou and Robert M. Davison of the City University of Hong Kong — studied data from TaoBao, China’s leading online marketplace, to examine the efficacy of using computer-mediated-communication (CMC) technology to build guanxi and turn impersonal one-time shoppers into loyal and committed long-term customers through personal rapport.

Guanxi is a Chinese concept “broadly defined as a close and pervasive interpersonal relationship” and “based on high-quality social interactions and the reciprocal exchange of mutual benefits,” Ou, Pavlou and Davison wrote.

The Collaborative Economy. A report by Altimiter.

Bummed to hear both Doc Rivers and Kevin Garnett may be traded to the Clippers. Shit, maybe Paul Pierce too.

Weather sucks right now here in New Zealand. Oh well. I’ll be working indoors anyway.

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