2013_06_17 Link Pile

Edward Snowden Q&A with readers at The Guardian. An amazing and historic moment happening, right now.

Surveillance blowback, by Bruce Schneier

Body scanner ruling could squelch NSA domestic spying: Electronic Privacy Information Center organizes request by leading technologists to halt National Security Agency’s domestic surveillance. They’re trying a novel argument from a 2011 lawsuit. By Declan McCullagh

New Zealand weather radar. Watching this currently, in fear or hope for snow in Queenstown later this week.

Internet interruption, in XKCD. Roll over the fourth frame.

The Two Centers of Unaccountable Power in America, and Their Consequences, by Robert Reich

“Let it be Done” An Alternative Narrative for Building what America Needs, by Devin Smith in New Economic Perspectives.

An NSA big graph experiment (.pdf), by Paul Burkhardt, Chris Waring, U.S. National Security Agency

Moyers & Company: Big Brother’s Prying Eyes. Bill interviews Larry Lessig.

Police are now using driver’s license photos in the US to identify suspects in criminal cases, by Nick Summers in The Next Web

Google’s Internet balloons, in Wired.

NYT Introspects on Snowden, by Dave Winer. Also by Dave: The Quiet War in Tech.

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  1. I agree that the Edward Snowden moment was historic but it is lamentable that it doesn’t seem to have had any significant impact on the government so far. The surveillance, even only of meta data continues and although there are legal restrictions, the court that monitors the surveillance has never rejected an application.

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