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Link outline for 2013_03_29

Personal Clouds, Identity and VRM Sovereign By Design by Moxy Tongue Sovereign by design by T.Rob, responding to Moxy Do you consider your digital identity a separate self or is it identical to your real-world self #edcmooc by Margaret Do you consider … Continue reading

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And Earth is a bigger target

A comet is headed for Mars. Now approaching at 125,000 miles per hour, it will explode with the force of 35 million megatons of TNT if it hits. That’s a third the size of the collision that caused the Cretaceous-Paleogene … Continue reading

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Blogging outlines of public bookmarks

Here are some of my open tabs, now closing as I list them here in outline form: Outlining @DaveWiner SmallPicture Little Outliner Outliner HowTo Small Picture Q&A @SmallPict #outlining My new company, our first product Little Outliner press guide Little … Continue reading

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Why does Dish Network’s HD look so Low-D?

[Later (7 April)… The issue has been resolved, at least for now. We never did figure out what caused the poor video resolution in this case, but it looks better now. Still, it seems that compression artifacts are a mix … Continue reading

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Surf’s down. For now.

I was talking with @ErikCecil yesterday about the sea change we both detect in people’s tolerance for unwanted tracking. They’re getting tired of it. So are lawmakers and regulators. (No, not everybody. But not a small percentage. And it’s growing.) … Continue reading

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Remembering Mom

Mom would have turned 100 this week. She got to celebrate her 90th ten years ago, though it seems like yesterday. She died several months later, of a stroke while recovering from a botched gall stone removal procedure. The stroke … Continue reading

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Apple, please give up on Maps

It’s been more than six months since Apple introduced iOS 6, and nearly as long since Tim Cook issued a public apology for the company’s Maps app, which arrived with iOS 6 and replaced the far better version powered mostly by … Continue reading

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Let’s put Echo Cliffs and the Kaibito Plateau in Wikipedia

I say that because I didn’t find those entries when I went looking for them yesterday, when I was putting up and annotating this photo set here. If I get a chance later I’ll put some links here. [Later…] And … Continue reading

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Facebook’s shark-jump advertising moves

I just looked up facebook advertising on Google News, and got these results: More Facebook Ads Are Coming, Your Friends Will Finally Hit Delete Forbes-8 hours ago Now, Facebook is doing a pretty smart thing here rolling out the more prominent advertising along with an updated … Continue reading

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Toward opt-in advertising

In Google Bringing TrueView Ads to Apps, Games Marks the first time users will be able to skip ads outside video Tim Peterson (in AdWeek) begins, Seventy percent of YouTube’s in-steam ad views are those skippable TrueView ads, Google’s svp of advertising … Continue reading

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