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Do we really want the Web to be a strip mall when it grows up?

On FlightAware I see three spaces filled with the same message. That’s a screenshot of one, on the right. The guilty extension, I am sure, is Adblock Plus for Chrome. What that extension blocks is an ad, not a page. … Continue reading

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Riding out the storm

7:30am Tuesday morning: I can tell the storm is over by tuning in to the Weather Channel and finding it back to the normally heavy load of ads, program promotions and breathless sensationalism. So I’ll turn ya’ll back over to … Continue reading

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Wallets should be wallets

Nothing you carry is more personal than your wallet, or more essential for interacting with the marketplace. You can change your pants or your purse, but your wallet is a constant. And, while your wallet contains cards and currencies that … Continue reading

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Missing Michael

Uninstalled is Michael O’Connor Clarke’s blog — a title that always creeped me out a bit, kind of the way Warren Zevon‘s My Ride’s Here did, carrying more than a hint of prophesy. Though I think Michael meant something else … Continue reading

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Flying into New York at night

The conditions were what pilots call “severe clear” from Charlotte to New York on Thursday night. I made sure (paying $44 to USAirways) that I had a window seat on the left side, and had a perfect view through an … Continue reading

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Should Apple buy Nokia?

Mobile maps matter, and Apple now has the worst mapping you can get on a phone. The best, one would think (given the Apple vs. Google coverage) is Google’s. But maybe not, because Nokia has NAVTEQ, which rocks. Or so says Alexis … Continue reading

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Intention Economy meets Subscription Economy

I’ll be speaking tomorrow (Thursday, 4 October at Subscribed 2012 London, at the Kensington Roof Garden, near the Kensington tube stop on High Street. Seats are still available, and it’s free. The intention economy and the subscription economy are both … Continue reading

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