An open response to OMNI hotels

Just got a survey from OMNI hotels, inquiring about my stay there during SXSW in Austin earlier this week. Here’s what I wrote under “Please provide more details on the missing amenity in your guest room. “:

  The wi-fi signal strength went up and down, and most of the time was unusable. Twice I was told that perhaps a “wi-fi bridge” could be given to me, but was told later that they were all loaned out. I was there four days during SXSW and really needed a solid network Internet connection. I asked every day if the problem was being resolved. It never was. On the last day they told me they had “escalated it to the manager.” I also had to join the loyalty program to get free wi-fi. A quibble: the sign-up survey’s question about newspaper preference suggested to me that a newspaper would be delivered outside the room door, which is customary in many hotels. I never saw one.

Another quibble: the desk height was too high. This is standard in most hotels. Still, if you’re going to serve business customers, you should have a desk with a top that’s low enough to type comfortably on.

Otherwise it was a fine hotel. As I said before, I’d recommend it to people who don’t care about Internet service.

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5 Responses to An open response to OMNI hotels

  1. Persephone says:

    That’s great that you’d still recommend it Doc but isn’t that somewhat hypothetical? I mean, do you know anybody who doesn’t care about Internet service?!

  2. Doc Searls says:

    Right. It’s like saying I recommend a hotel with bad plumbing to anybody who doesn’t need to use the bathroom. 🙂

  3. Owen says:

    @Persephone some people have their own 3G modems, but they can be just as finicky as bad hotel wifi.

  4. Arg. Another datapoint for the law of hotel internet connectivity – the pricier the hotel, the more expensive and/or lower quality the internet service.

    I like my Sprint PCS card. I use it a lot.

  5. Pam Clark says:

    Ok so this is waaaaa late but
    We took a trip last year to Texas, and stayed at several Omni’s. Corpus Christi, SanAntonio, Houston, New Orleans. We then went to Orlando and stayed in the Beautiful Champions Gate Omni & have been back twice since then, took my girlfriend to Jacksonville, and stayed at The Omni on River Walk, took my “free” stay at the CNN Omni to go to the Aquarium with my granddaughter. I think the Customer Service is unsurpassed at all the Omni’s. Some are more beautiful than others (The Omni in San Antonio TX is beautiful. The Orlando FL Omni is awesome with the lazy river, Crocks and Travoli’s. ) I have had a few problems along the way ………. I won’t go into any detail, as what was important to me was the speed and grace with which they corrected the problem. They have gone so out of their way to make beautiful cookie plates with Dolphins on them for my granddaughter, baskets, and turndowns of dream dolls for my granddaughter plus a chocolate chip cookie. Hot Coffee for me, Cokes for my daughter, & juice for my granddaughter delivered to my door every morning for free. I am in love with all things Omni.
    I have used the Internet services with my laptop and while not well versed in WI FI or in need of much in the way of Internet services while on vacation mostly Facebook updates etc.,
    I do however feel certain that what happened with you was an isolated incident. If in fact you had requested a Manager it would have been addressed immediately. Usually that is not necessary as the staff is well-trained and very service oriented. I hope you will try them again as it is one of the best Hotel experiences we have ever had and I can’t wait for a little sunshine so I can go back to Champions Gate Omni, to be pampered and taken care of.

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